Choosing A Credit Swiper Can Be Hard, Heres How To Choose The Best One

Whether you are running a yard sale, a lemonade stand, or a multi-million dollar corporation, a large percentage of today’s consumers prefer to use plastic. To cash in on all of those potential customers you need a credit card swiper for your business, but which card swiper is the right one for you?


It is no secret that nearly everyone wants a piece of your pay. This rings true for the card swiper company you chose as well. To ensure that you get the majority of profit from that two-dollar lemonade that you’re selling you need the best pricing available when it comes to swipers. When selecting the best card reader for your business you need to evaluate the cost of the readers themselves as well as any additional transaction fees and monthly service charges. When shopping for price alone the Shopify POS with free subscription and transaction fees starting at 2.7% or the PayAnywhere starting at $39.95 with 1.69% transaction fees is the right price choice for you.


Just like any other type of technology, with a swiper you want to get the most features for the lowest price. All credit card readers run with the same general mPOS, or mobile point of sale, system. To get the best bang for your buck you want to look for a swiper with additional features such as automatic inventory, employee, and customer management programs that will save you time and money. When considering the best POS model for features, feature-rich Square is the right one for you.


Compatibility is an important part of selecting the right reader as well. After all, what good is a card reader if it doesn’t accept the majority of your customer’s cards? Look for a swiper that accepts all the major credit cards as well as EMV chip and contactless payments. Another important part of compatibility is to ensure that the card reader that you chose is compatible with your mobile device. For optimal compatibility options, the PayPal Here is the POS system for you.


Wherever money is concerned security is at the top of the list of priorities, especially when it comes to mobile transactions. When selecting the right swiper for you chose a brand that is compliant with the Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or higher. This will ensure that all of your mobile transactions are safe and secure. The Square POS is PCI compliant, offers fraud protection, end-to-end encryption, and two-step verification making it the right choice for security.

With the right credit card reader, you can maximize your customer base and reach a higher profit rate. At $49 hardware cost and 2.75% transaction fee, the feature-rich Square POS system with a swipe, chip, and contactless payment reader comes out the winner.