What Is SMS Marketing And How Does It Work?

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing uses SMS to communicate with your customers and clients. It works by collecting your customers’ phone numbers, copying it to your account, and Textedly service at once sending a message to all your clients or a specific group. Messages can be lengthy, and if the mobile user is currently unavailable, they are delivered later. This type of marketing is very effective because it provides a large percentage of your customers’ feedback.

Who uses this service?

  • Marketing: marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special offers, etc.
  • Finance: Send information about debts, balances, discounts, etc.
  • Banking: SMS service that implements faster and more efficient communication with clients. For example, account balance, payment information, etc.
  • Info: SMS service for sending news, sports results, horoscopes, etc.
  • Companies: Faster communication with employees and clients, sending important information, scheduling meetings, etc.

SMS Marketing is experiencing a real expansion of popularity for several reasons:

  • SMS is cost-effective

SMS costs are incomparably less than the cost of a phone call. Textedly allows you to send messages to many people at once. This way, you maintain contact with your customers with minimal investment in money, time, and human resources.

  • SMS has an immediate effect

Most people rarely get apart from their cell phones, which means they’ll get your message and read it in second.

  • SMS reaches a large number of people

There is almost no person today who does not use a mobile phone. This way, you will reach a huge number of people.

  • SMS guarantees that the message will be noticed

SMS is considered as a personal form of communication, and every message requires attention. SMS messages are short, which guarantees that your message will always be read in its entirety. The message must be “opened” because the deletion itself requires that it be opened. These factors affect the high level of efficiency gained by SMS marketing.

  • SMS marketing is discreet and personal

Messages are sent to private mobile phone numbers, so the customer will feel they are being sent only to him. Even bulk messages with the Textedly service can be personalized. This way, you will achieve a one-to-one relationship between the client and your company.

The app has a simple contact list system that allows you to easily and quickly handle large amounts of phone numbers. You can also view the messages you have sent, as well as those that have just been scheduled.