The Importance Of Running A Background Check On Employees

Whether you’re an employer of two or thousands, a property owner leasing space, or just need to hire a good sitter for your child, there’s absolutely no reason to blindly take a candidate’s word on their character and qualifications when background checks are easy, accessible, and conclusive. If you’re not taking advantage of this tool, then let’s look a couple of reasons why you should on everyone you do business with today.

Top Three Reasons Background Checks Should Be Standard Due Diligence In Your Business Dealings

1. Identify Authentic Candidates

Do you remember the movie “Catch Me If You Can” where Frank W. Abignale, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, successfully poses as everything from a doctor to an airline pilot? Well, that was based on the escapades of a real-life con artist.

Anyone can ‘say’ they have any qualifications they’re capable of spelling out on a resume, even long ones like an MA in Social Sciences and Comparative Education with a specialization in Comparative/International Studies.

Doing business with or hiring candidates without the caliber and degree of training and experience necessary creates innumerable problems – from legal violations and negligence lawsuits to loss of productivity and hits to brand reputation.

Imagine the reactions of your client when they find out your supposed expert hairstylist’s experience and education are actually the sum of playing with Cabbage Patch dolls in mom’s basement. Goodbye, reputation and clientele.

2. Identify Conflicts Of Character

Even if a candidate is qualified, it doesn’t mean that their character is the right fit for your needs. A running shoe may be made for running, but it only works if it has the right characteristics for your foot.

Without the information of a background check, you have no way of knowing about the person’s criminal and arrest history, which tells you a lot about how they may or may not fit in with your own culture.

If they have a history of fraud or theft, do you really want this person handling your money, having access to accounts, or being responsible for paying you rent?

Do you want to expose those you do business with or employ to someone with a history of workplace violence or sexual harassment?

This person could have an extensive history of drug and alcohol arrests, the last of which was a week ago. Do you want them driving your child around as a babysitter? Is entrusting them with a company car a wise move? How would it look if a female employee found out you sent her off on a business trip with a convicted sex offender?

Without due diligence when it comes to verifying new hires are safe matches for a workspace or living space, you’ll likely be answering such questions sooner rather than later. It puts everyone involved in potential harm’s way, and that can be a serious liability and reputation loss issue for you.

3. Poor Choices Are Hard To Correct

Legal restrictions often make references all but useless. We’ve already established a candidate can simply lie about their professional qualifications and personal life on paper without a checks and balances system.

Once you lease to someone, hire them, or otherwise engage in business agreements with them, it can be a costly and time-consuming process to both get rid of them and replace them with a more appropriate choice once their actions demonstrate they were actually a very poor choice.

In fact, even if you’re an at-will employer who can easily get rid of an employee, you’ll still pay for firing them through unemployment insurance benefits. And, if they decide to sue … Read the rest

Why Many People Are Deciding To Invest In Property In Todays Time

The real estate market has exploded in recent years, although it has always been at the top of the priority lists for many around the world. If you are on the fence regarding buying a property, let the following shove you to the logical side:

1)  Property values are always increasing

Unlike declining investments such as cars, property prices are consistently on an upward trend. No matter when you buy or how long you live in it, you are sure to make considerable returns on investment when you decide to jump ship. Findings of the National Association of Realtors puts specific appreciation levels at an annual rate of 6%. 

2)  Real estate can be leveraged for further investments

A property can be used to acquire huge loans that many assets fall short of ensuring you have the resources you need to buy more property or make other meaningful investments as you deem fit.

3)  Properties can be your old age savings and a way to experience new countries

For that time when age dictates you wave goodbye to the employment sector, a property can be a dependable asset to lean on as substantiate by international real estate service provider Provence Life. Acquiring a house abroad might also provide you the opportunity to savor new experiences which were previously beyond your reach due to work commitments.

4)  You’ll be privy to tax cuts

Keeping real estate up and running involves several expenses including but not limited to mortgage interests, maintenance costs, and utility bills. However, property owners are privy to various tax deductions which ensure you get the most out of rental incomes.

5)  Gains from real estate are deferrable 

In some states, tax codes allow for the transfer of tax payments to a new property from the old one. So if you had previously foot the bill of taxes for your old house, you can still, in a way, get your money back.

6)  Real estate investment is as easy as ABC

Investing in assets such as stock can seem like rocket science at times with all the numbers and complex charts to consider, but things are pretty straightforward in comparison in the real estate market. All you need to know is the basic stuff such as when and where to buy high-potential properties. 

Parting shot

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I’m Considering A Cremation Service But Don’t Know What To Do

Death is inevitable and we will all die someday. In the event of death, there are actually two main ways people choose from to bid goodbye to their loved ones. These include cremation and burial. For thousands of years, burial has been the method of choice for many people in the world particularly the Muslims and Christians. However, in recent years, cremation services have gained a lot of popularity and are becoming the easiest and cheapest option for many people. This is because cremation comes with numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Huntington Beach Cremation services are eco-friendly

Today, most people are trying as much as possible to live a ‘green’ life to save the earth. This is why cremation services are widely accepted because they are earth friendly. They help to conserve land, unlike burial where the entire body is buried in the ground.

2. Cremation services are cost-effective

Actually, you don’t need a coffin to cremate your loved one’s body. You also don’t a cemetery plot or a headstone, which can be quite expensive. Additionally, you’ll not incur any additional funeral costs when you choose cremation. If you decide to use a casket before cremating your loved one’s body, you can always rent it at an affordable price. Lastly, cremation services make the process easier because there are fewer arrangements than in the case of a burial service. As a family, you can always choose the level of cremation ceremony you wish to hold and this will save you a great deal on cash and time.

Another reason why cremation services are increasing in popularity is that families can choose what to do with the body ashes. Some families choose to scatter the ashes in a room or place that held a special meaning to the deceased. Others choose to scatter the ashes at a local cemetery, sea, family property or even mountain top. The place may be custom made to ensure that the family can always visit at their convenience to honor the deceased. 

Today, cremation services have made it possible for families to make decorative cremation urns. The remains are kept in an urn which may be made of metal, glass, ceramic material or wood. The urns can then be placed in a home as a treasured art piece. You can also choose to have the urn made of biodegradable materials and use it for decorative purposes. You can also secure it in a columbarium or bury in the ground as a way to keep the memories of the deceased

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