The Importance Of Eye Checkups

Eyes are among the most prized possessions of man. It is imperative for every person to take care of their eyes. When the eyes are healthy, man is able to live a normal life. When the eyes are infected or eyesight is dimmed, life loses normalcy. Therefore, we must be cautious about good eye health and follow valuable tips that will help us to keep our eyes healthy. There are several steps that we can take to maintain good eye health. Visiting a reputed eye doctor at The Meadows Family Eye Care from time to time will help us in our endeavor of keeping our eyes healthy.

A lot of people do not care for their eyes as good as they should do. They are negligent about maintaining good eye health only to find out later that they have developed eye infections or diseases related to the eyes. It is not only important for every individual to take care of their eyes but one should also care for the eyes of their family members. If you have elderly parents at home, you must take them to The Meadows Family Eye Care regularly to ensure that their eyes are healthy. If there is an infection or disease, it can be detected at an early stage so that there is no bigger problem in the future. You should do the same with your kids. Mostly, adults are caring for their eyes as they are sensible and responsible. However, when it comes to kids, they are not caring and do not understand the importance of maintaining eye health. As a parent or a family member, it is your responsibility to teach your kids about good eye health. You must also take them to the eye doctor regularly so that their eyes are working fine. Sometimes, kids suffer from farsightedness which is not known by parents easily. When you go for routine checkups at The Meadows Family Eye Care, they will check whether the kids are able to see normally or not. If any of the children is losing vision, it can be detected early on so that there is no further damage. It is a good idea to select a single eye doctor for all your family so that the doctor is aware of the history of the whole family. When you visit the same doctor from time to time, they will be helpful and the kids will be friendly with them and allow testing easily without any fuss. So, make sure you visit a reputed eye doctor at The Meadows Family Eye Care.… Read the rest

Three Unique Ear Piercings

Ear piercing has come a long way since the days of little girls getting their earlobes pierced at the mall. If you’re looking for something stylish and edgy, the industrial, daith and/or rook piercings are unique and hip. Be forewarned, these are not your grandma’s ear piercings.

Industrial Piercings

An industrial piercing is a single bar that connects two cartilage piercings. The more common style is the horizontal piercing that goes through the top of the ear. The more unusual vertical-style goes up-and-down. The vertical style is cool, but it does hurt more than a horizontal piercing. Learn more about the vertical industrial piercing.

Rook Piercings

The trendy rook piercing is a cartilage piercing in the upper ear that pierces the antihelix. Because this is an uncommon piercing, it’s important to bring photos to show your piercer. Any cartilage piercing will hurt more than a piercing to the fleshy earlobe, but most people put the rook piercing halfway on the pain scale. The cartilage of the ear receives very little blood flow, so the rook piercing can take anywhere from two months to a year to heal completely. If you have any medical conditions that make healing difficult, this may not be the right piercing for you.

Daith Piercings

A daith piercing is a piercing through the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear, just outside the ear canal. While some people’s ears are not anatomically suitable for rook or industrial piercings, most people can get a daith. Piercers encourage hoop-style jewelry for this piercing. If you’re a big baby when it comes to pain, the daith may be right for you because it’s one of the less painful piercings. Some people believe that the daith piercing can help with migraines, although there is no scientific evidence to support this.

Buyer Beware

All piercings should only be done by licensed, reputable professionals in a sterile environment. If you let your friend pierce your cartilage in an unsanitary environment, you’re taking a serious risk of infection. Be sure to ask your piercer if they are experienced in doing the daith, rook, or industrial piercings. You don’t want to wind up with the wrong part of your ear pierced. Choose high-quality metals like platinum or 14K gold for your jewelry, especially if you are prone to allergies or skin irritations.

Follow Directions

Your piercer should give you instructions on how to properly care for your piercing and it’s important that you follow them exactly. Don’t handle your piercing with dirty hands. Don’t twist your piercing. Clean the pierced area with saline solution at least twice a day. Piercings are typically red and swollen at first, but if your pain and swelling gets worse or doesn’t go away within a week, it may be infected. It’s crucial to seek medical care if you think you have an infection.

Whenever you consider getting a new piercing, it’s important to do your research and think it over. If you’re ready to think outside the earlobe, industrial, rook, and daith piercings might be right for you.… Read the rest

Why You May Want To Have A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Everyone develops doubts about how they look at some point in their lives and thus considers cosmetic surgeries to rectify the problems. For most people, the doubt revolves around the facial area, with the nose being the target. As a result, most of the people who go for cosmetic surgery seek rhinoplasty, which is one of the safest ways of modifying the nose. The process involves injecting fillers into the targeted areas, which makes it noninvasive and can be done within minutes if your work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Robert Kotler MD.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is safe but only when done by a professional who has experience in the field. Given the delicate nature of the nose, it is easy for complications like bleeding and bruising to occur if the procedure is not done correctly. There could also be inflammation that makes blood supply to the nose even more difficult than it already is. The filers have to be injected incorrectly with the nose area accurately targeted to prevent blocking of blood circulation. You should make sure the surgeon is qualified to handle the procedure before allowing them to do it,


Surgeries, including rhinoplasties, aren’t always cheap. The non-surgical option provides a cheaper yet effective alternative to invasive surgery, especially when it comes to nose jobs. The permanent filers may cost more because they have to be injected in sessions, but the total cost is cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty costs.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure, which means that you don’t have to worry about being bedridden after. The procedure also involves the use of temporary or permanent fillers, which gives you multiple options. If you’re not sure about the change, then you can use the temporary filers that can dissolve after a period ranging between 6 months to 2 years—leaving your nose in its original form. Contrary to popular belief, non-surgical rhinoplasty isn’t just for those who want to get rid of bumps on their noses. It can also work on crooked noses and those with droopy tips.


Recovering from a non-surgical rhinoplasty is also easier and occurs faster. You may feel discomfort, but the pain is usually mild to moderate, which means that you and still maintain your daily routine and even go to work soon after having the surgery.


Whether you want to change your nose because you’re tired of being made fun of or you want to try something new, working with an experienced surgeon like Robert Kotler MD is essential because it will give you the best results.… Read the rest